[PODCAST] An Introduction to The You First Podcast

Eek! So I did a thing and only went and made a bloomin' podcast didn't i?! It's been something i've ALWAYS wanted to do, ever since podcasts became a big part of my life a couple of years ago when I used to commute into the office everyday, they kept me sane on my journey.

The You First Podcast is my little place to talk to you about all of the things I - and i know a lot of you guys - are passionate about, including mental wellbeing, productivity, mindfulness, developing healthy habits, education and work & making sure we don't all burn out whilst doing all of that good stuff!

The very first episode is just a short intro to the podcast and is available on Spotify at the moment, hopefully it will become available on other platforms ASAP so I will let you know as soon as that's the case!

You can listen on Spotify by clicking here:

Hey, i'm Lauren

If you are passionate about all things productivity, mindfulness and want to begin putting yourself first then hey, me too! 

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