hi, nice to meet you!

I'm Lauren and I really want to help people gain back control of their weight loss, health and fitness journey. 

Let me be honest with you for a second, I suffer with an anxiety disorder and a few years ago I knew that I needed to look after myself better in order to take control of it. 

I wasn't eating great, I barely exercised or moved my body and my sleep was pretty poor. I became interested in fitness and nutrition and began my studies to educate myself on how our bodies work, what they need and what they thrive off. 

At the same time I was also having conversations with my mum who was a long-time slimming club member, the more I was learning about nutrition and weight loss the more I realised these companies are selling plans and clubs that don't make any sense! 

As a result I knew instantly I wanted to share my knowledge and understanding of fitness and nutrition with people who's minds had been completely boggled by slimming clubs and fad diets cos you know what? It's actually pretty simple. 

Weight loss doesn't need to be complicated or hard or boring or restrictive. 

Find out more about my coaching on the coaching tab above and hopefully I will speak with you soon!