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Monday, 3 August 2015



Being super tidy and organised never came naturally to me until about a month or so ago, when I decided to spend a decent amount of money on revamping my bedroom. I live at home with my parents and brother, partly because rent around Surrey costs a very pretty penny but mainly because I love living at home and have a pretty sweet deal here.

This means my bedroom is the one place in the house I can truly make my own and as we live in a small Victorian cottage-style house, I have to make the most of what I've got! I've worked hard over the last couple of months to really do some research and pull together a room that I can relax in and blog in too, so creating a work space that can also double up as a vanity table too was the most important task for me.

Let's talk technical. I've been lusting after the Alex drawers from Ikea for a long time so of course they were a key feature to my workspace, I purchased two of these to sit either side of the desk. The table top is the Linnmon table, also from Ikea.

The large mirror, lined with fairy lights helps open up my bedroom and of course comes in handy when I'm doing my make-up and hair each morning. As the Linnmon table top is so big, I've styled the table in two halves; on the left side, I've got all my everyday beauty products, kept neat and tidy in containers and drawers. These acrylic storage devices are from Homesense and my make-up brush holder is actually a plant pot from Ikea.



The right-side of my desk is primarily blog based. I don't like to clutter my desk up so I just keep my iPad, a notebook and in this case, the latest ASOS magazine which I was flipping through for inspiration to hand. My blogging camera lives on the shelf in that empty spot next to a collection of concert and show ticket stubs and I keep my laptop tucked away in one of the drawers.



I wanted to use the wall space above my desk for a gallery wall and these are two of my favourite purchases! I custom-ordered the gold foil print which features lyrics from one of my favourite Echosmith songs.


I used Pinterest - a lot - to get inspiration for my workspace area and I hope in turn this post inspires some of you guys, so let me know in the comments below and don't forget you can automatically pin any images on my blog instantly to your Pinterest, just hover over the image!

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