Friday, 21 August 2015

In my opinion, The Maze Runner series written by James Dashner, will give The Hunger Games a run for it's money! It took me a good few chapters to get completely sucked into The Scorch Trials; the second book from the trilogy, but once I was I couldn't put it down.

The Scorch Trials follows the same characters from The Maze Runner, Thomas, Teresa and the other Gladers as they face new threats following their escape from the maze. Solving The Maze was supposed to be the end and Thomas and his friends were sure that escape would mean freedom but WICKED isn't done yet. Phase Two has only just begun. In The Scorch there are no rules, no help, no mercy. You either make it or you die and the Gladers have one challenge; to cross The Scorch and reach a 'Safe Haven' in only two weeks. All bets are off and The Scorch Trials make The Maze look like a stroll in the park...

Like I said before, it did take me a little while to get stuck into this book and I think that was mainly because I read The Maze Runner almost a year ago and saw the movie back in January so the storyline and characters weren't fresh in mind, it took a little while for me to invest in them again. Once I had, I was sucked in by the fast-paced, exhilarating plot which twisted and turned when I least expected. There's no let up in this novel at all and just when you think things might be settling for the Gladers something more sinister and threatening than the last is thrown in their direction.

I don't want to say too much about this novel because I would hate to spoil it for you. After watching the trailer for the movie adaption there doesn't seem to be many similarities between the two so it's not going to matter a great deal if you watch the movie when it's released next month before you read the book. I would still highly recommend adding this to your reading list though, there are so many details and scenes which I'm sure they haven't included in the film, so don't miss out!

I've just started the third book in this series, Death Cure now and have the prequel to the series (but the latest book to be released) lined up afterwards. I know the author James Dashner wanted to expand the post-Flare world but did not want to involve the main characters, resulting in the prequel The Kill Order and the upcoming 2016 release Fever Code. Make sure you keep checking here and over on my twitter @laurenfell for my latest thoughts on this series - spoiler free of course!

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