Things I'd Tell My Younger Self

Thursday, 2 July 2015

adviceI'm not one to dwell on the past but as I get older I experience certain things in life - mostly positive - that I wish I could reassure my younger self about if I had the chance, especially zits, boys and the ever-daunting 'life-plan'!

Don't try to remove your black hair dye with bleach. One of my favourite memories - because of it's hilariousness - starts when I'm 14-years-old. I was a huge Harry Potter fan and really, really wanted Emma Watson's light, golden-brown locks. Unfortunately, my hair was dyed black, super, super black. So, my best friend (who is still my best friend to this day despite the horror that ensues) bleached my entire head. Due to the fact she was also a fourteen-year-old girl with zero experience in hairdressing, she began at my roots, leaving me with white roots which then faded slowly into yellow and then orange. Not very Emma Watson at all.

Listen to your mum, because she is always right. Even when you think she's definitely not, she is. I'm really lucky to have a great relationship with both my parents, but especially my mum. There were many, many times when she would give me advice about friends, boys and school and they would go in one ear and out the other because I always thought I knew best - which very often was not the case!

Your spots will go away eventually and the people who tease you about them are not worth worrying about. Going through school with bad skin or acne can be a truly horrendous experience, it definitely was for me. I was teased all throughout school whenever I had a breakout by the people in my classes who were simply just luckier than me to have clearer skin.

I still get zits now at age 24 and they bother me a lot less than they did at school. Just take good care of your skin when you're going through your teens and don't worry about the people who make fun of your skin, at the end of the day it's a problem for you that will clear up and go away. For a lot of bullies, their problems are a lot deeper than just under the surface of their skin!

Don't make a life-plan because you won't stick to it and thinking that you ever made one will make you laugh when you're older.  I think my first ever plan was made when I was about seven in primary school and it was to move to Disney when I turned sixteen and live there with my best friend at the time. Of course, that didn't happen, and neither did being married by the time I was 23 or having 2 kids by the time I'm 25. Life is unpredictable and although when you're younger it might seem like you've got straight road ahead of you the chances are there's an unexpected twist or turn just around the corner that takes you somewhere completely different. Enjoy the here and now!

Your BCG injection won't hurt as much you think it does. Another memory that makes me smile whenever I think about it is the absolutely horrific anxiety-inducing idea of having my injection for BCG done at school. I probably thought about having that jab on a daily basis and after hearing the horror stories from older students that had it done ('oh my god, there are 9 needles that all go into your arm at once') I was adamant that I wasn't having it. Alas, the time came, I had it done and I have probably had more painful paper cuts in my time.

Don't get sucked in the drama, drama, drama. I made a mistake a big mistake when I was younger by getting involved in a lot of gossiping and bitchiness which isn't nice or fun for anyone. You're never sure who you can trust so sometimes it's best to keep your opinions to yourself because you never know who might hear them! It's okay to vent every now and again to family and close friends but if you have any issues with someone then honesty is always the best policy.


If you could give your younger self some advuce, what would it be?











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