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Friday, 24 July 2015


I'm a Pinterest junkie and there's just something about the app that makes me feel so inspired, whether it's to workout, redecorate, cook or dye my hair there's no doubt that a quick swipe through the site will make me motivated as heck! (Even as I wrote this post I got distracted by the app so that just goes to show how sucked in I get!)

I've been pinning like mad over the last month or so and thought I'd share my favourite pins at the moment with your lovely selves. If you have Pinterest then I would love to follow you so share your username below because I'm always on the look out for exciting new things to pin!

Fun fact, my blog theme has a really cool built-in Pinning feature, so you can hover over any of the images I post and Pin them, how awesome is that?!



Food, food and more food. I am such a foodie so Pinterest is the holy grail of delicious, scrummy -and mostly healthy - recipes and I have been working my way through them like it's nobody's business. I think at the moment all of my dinner ideas are coming from Pinterest because I've started to eat a lot more veg than I used to and Pinterest gives me so many fab ways to cook and incorporate veg into my meals.



After chopping my hair into a bob (which has now grown out into a longer bob already, thanks to Hair Burst, update on that coming soon) there's not an awful lot I can do style-wise, read: I freaking miss messy buns and ponytails :'(

So, if I can't change the style of it very often, I can change the colour. I'm really loving balayage at the moment, with a really nice deep brown at the roots and pretty blond highlights and ombre towards the ends.



I'm such a chameleon when it comes to style and I love exploring and experimenting with fashion to see what I can, and can't, pull off. I use Pinterest to pull together boards featuring all different kinds of styles and right now I'm loving the basic white tee, loose jeans, converse kind of look with a little bit of boho thrown in in the form of a floppy hat, round sunnies and suede ankle boots. I also love using Pinterest when I've bought say, a new pair of Birkenstocks but don't know what to wear them with, I'll search 'Birkenstock outfit' and voila, pages of ideas and inspo!



I've combined these two boards because originally I just had a 'Home' board which featured lovely interiors and décor ideas, then when I started blogging a lot more I combined this with my Blogging board because I associate my bedroom décor/desk space with blogging now so it made sense.

I've just redecorated my bedroom and got almost all of my inspiration and ideas from Pinterest, especially as far as my office-corner/desk space is concerned. I love the minimalist, clean, white décor with an accent of colour or a pop of gold or copper here and there.

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