Citroen DS3 Love

Monday, 20 July 2015

imageAfter years of lusting over this car, my hard work has finally paid off and on Saturday I picked up this beauty and brought her home!

This is my new Citroen DS3 in Polar White with Pink detailing and I am in love! I've never been a huge car person, I had my first car - a little silver Fiat Punto - for six years until last summer when my parents got a new car and let me use their previous one, a Renault Megane. I loved that car but it was huge, super wide and I just felt tiny driving it around.

So, after working my butt off and finally being happy and secure in my job I decided to splash out and finally get the car I'd always wanted! Well, actually, I set out to get a little blue Citroen C1 but after seeing this one in the forecourt I knew it was fate and I just had to have it. It's probably one of my favourite purchases ever!

Whats your dream car?

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