Bookshelf: The Never List by Koethi Zan

Saturday, 11 July 2015

neverlist1Wow. This exciting, terrifying thriller written by Koethi Zan had me hooked from the very first pag and although I'm never one to spoil a good story, let me set the scene for this incredible book that gives Gone Girl a run for it's money.

In The Never List, two young women - who have been overly safety-conscious and wary since they were children - are kidnapped and thrown into a cellar where they are kept for years by a sadistic psychopath who uses them - and other girls - for his experiments. With four girls inside the cellar, only three manage to escape. The story follows survivor Sarah and her quest to find out what really happened in that cellar to the friend she never saw again.


I absolutely loved Gone Girl and I will gladly hold up my hands and say I enjoyed this book even more. The story is gripping to say the least and if you love a book that will push you to your limits then this is the one. The story is dark and grim but I don't know a great thriller that isn't.

The author Koethi Zan has a way of writing the gruesome and grizzly parts of this story in a way that makes you go back and read what you've just read a few times over, just in case you thought 'no, surely he didn't do that..'.

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