Julianne Hough's Platinum Messy Waves - Tutorial

Monday, 29 June 2015

julianne1test3Along with being an incredibly talented dancer on Dancing With The Stars and her very own tour, Julianne Hough is also well-known for her incredibly gorgeous platinum blonde bob. Julianne got her long locks chopped by her best pal and hairstylist to the stars Riawna Capri and since then she's shown there are many ways to wear her neatly cropped style whether it be braided, straightened, half-up half-down or even pink! However, the style she rocks most often is a fresh platinum-blonde loosely curled 'do and that's the look I'm going to help you achieve today.

These two beauties from Lee Stafford's BLEAch BLondes collection are the only products I will use to keep brassy and yellow tones out of my hair because they work so well. The shampoo is a very intense toning treatment with a very deep purple colouring so it's important to not leave it on too long and only use it once a week, it will however banish the yellow tones immediately, leaving you with beautiful cool tones! The conditioner is a very gentle toner, so feel free to use this each time you wash. Make sure to follow the instructions on each bottle for the best results!


After using Lee Stafford's BLEAch BLondes Shampoo & Conditioner, I spritz my hair with heat-protection spray and leave-in conditioner before blow-drying.

Part your hair in manageable sections and using straightners (or a curling wand/iron if you prefer) take small sections of hair, approx. 2-3cm wide and curl away from your face. Once you're finished, take another section of hair down and keep curling!

Finally, use your fingers to loosen the curls and mess them up a little, while spritzing the roots with hair spray to give some volume! Remember, Julianne's look isn't about being perfect or pristine, feel free to play around with your parting or if you have bangs, braid them to the side and secure with a bobby pin.

  julianne2Let me know if you're going to try this look by commenting below!

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