Hair Burst - My Journey

Thursday, 25 June 2015

hairburst1I recently had my hair cut fairly short (think Julianne Hough's current bob) and I loved having all of the dead, damaged hair chopped off. It feels a lot healthier already and as much as I like how edgy my messy bob looks, I am already missing having longer hair. That's why I decided to try Hair Burst.

I've seen a lot of people posing with their Hair Burst capsules on Instagram and I was instantly intrigued. I made sure to do my research, which is super important when you're looking into taking a new supplement, and I most importantly wanted to ensure that Hair Burst wasn't just a scam.

I purchased 3 months' worth of capsules which cost me around £60 as I believe three months is enough time to figure out if a product is working for you or not. They do sell the product in a one month supply or six months - so you're covered from all angles! Hair Burst is all natural (and the ingredients are listed on their website and each bottle) and treats your hair from the inside, making it stronger, thicker and longer - with up to an inch per month!

So, I'd like to take you all on my Hair Burst journey, here's a picture of my hair now and I will post a new photo and update when I finish each bottle of capsules, here goes!



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