Anxiety Busters

Monday, 15 June 2015

Suffering from anxiety isn't something I blog about regularly, mainly because I like to spend time proactively doing things to beat it, rather than dwell on it.

The last few weeks have been pretty anxiety-inducing for me and I've had good days and bad days, luckily more of the former and less of the latter!

Even if you don't suffer with anxiety, sometimes you can feel like there's too much going on in your head or perhaps you are a worrier. Everyone copes differently but these are some of favourite anxiety busters;

YouTube Vlogs

Its strange but for me watching people get on with their day-to-day routines helps me to realise the world is still revolving. Sometimes my anxiety gets me in such a funk that I forget how valuable time is and how it shouldn't be wasted worrying. Watching my favourite YouTubers inspires me and gives me the lift need to motivate myself.


For me, reading is an escape from my anxiety. When I feel an attack coming on - as I'm more prone to these at night when I have time to myself to think things over - I grab whatever book I'm reading (currently Monday's Child by Louise Bagshawe) and delve right in! I always find my worries subside when I get stuck into a really good book.

Spending time outside

When I'm feeling particularly anxious the worst thing for me is to stay in one place for too long, this makes work a challenge but I always get away during my lunch break for a change of scenery and fresh air. If it's the weekend and I'm at home then I will pop to the shops or visit grandparents, keeping busy and active is a great way to give two fingers to anxiety!

Do you suffer from anxiety or perhaps you are a worrier with too much on your mind? Either way, let me know your anxiety busters below!



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