Nellie Tries Pure Pet Food

Monday, 12 August 2019

Since we rehomed Nellie at the end of 2018 we've had a hard time getting her to kick some of the habits she'd picked up as a stray before she was handed into Cat's Protection, part of this process included finding a really high quality cat food for her to fill her up and give her all the nutrients she needed to put on a little weight and stay healthy. She would meow, meow and then meow some more at us almost as soon as she'd finished her breakfast or dinner and after ruling anything like worms out at the vet a quick Google told us it could be that she's just not getting filled up - what, after four sachets a day?!

You may not be aware that cat food brands available from most supermarkets (although cheap and super affordable) can contain as little as 4% meat content, the rest is all made up of cereals and other ingredients and just like us as humans, we need a decent amount of protein in our diets to keep us full.

We noticed that Nellie just wasn't satisfied with Felix sachets and we were getting through three or four a day, she was also going to toilet a lot more and the food just never seemed to settle. We knew we'd have to bite the bullet and find her some higher quality cat food - after all, our pets are family so they deserve the best if we can afford to give it to them.

That is where Pure Pet Food comes in to save the day. With all natural ingredients including 40% chicken, egg, potato, carrot and more it's super nutritious and actually means Nellie is probably getting a decent share of veg each day, unlike me who will avoid a carrot like the plague...

Tip: There are some important things to remember when transitioning your pet over to new food, they have sensitive tummies so do it gradually, start by giving them a little new food with their current fave and just slowly supplement their old food with the new as the days go by, within a few days they should be transitioned onto their new delicious food.

Now, we're quite lucky with Nellie having previously been a stray as it means she isn't very fussy (she dived into a pasta bolognese the first night we had her home and since then we've never been able to leave food unattended in the house for more than 2 minutes) so I knew she'd take to Pure Pet Food the same way I take to Nando's if you placed it in front of my face at the end of the day.

The Pure Pet Food website has everything you need if you're thinking about swapping your pet over to a higher quality food, as well as selling a fantastic range of food for both cats and dogs they have a really helpful FAQ section, a Feeding Calculator to help work out how much you should be feeding your little piglets and also a Health Hub where you can input any symptoms or ailments your pet has been diagnosed with from the Vet and Pure Pet Food will bring up articles and posts that could help.

Nellie's verdict: Her first impressions are good. She enjoyed some Pure food mixed in with her usual biscuits and meat for dinner and wolfed the whole thing down in no-time. We'll be slowly transitioning Nellie over to Pure Pet Food as she works her way through both flavours & we will definitely consider purchasing this again in the future!

We're so glad to have found another favourite brand in Pure Pet Food and with prices starting at £11.99 for their 200g bags which you just add water to and voila, you're good to go!

We were kindly gifted this product from Pure Pet Food to try & review. 

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