I Tried £1 Contact Lenses!

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

I've been a contact lens wearer for years now, I needed glasses in secondary school and after a year or so of losing/breaking them my Mum took me to the opticians to try out contacts lenses. I was both excited and terrified of the prospect; yes, I'd be able to see without glasses BUT would they get lost in my eyeball forever, is there a chance I'd put them in and never get them out again?!

My worries partially came to fruition when the optician put me in my first pair of lenses, wow, it was amazing and off I trotted home so pleased with myself until I tried to take them out later that day and couldn't. I had to go back to the opticians so she could actually get them out of my eyes. Despite this I persisted and now all these years later I'm still a daily contact lens wearer.

The only downside to this is the price of the freaking things. Around 10 years ago my optician changed my contact lenses due to my eyes feeling super prickly and dry and alas, she put me onto the most expensive variety on offer which set me back a whopping £44 each month - for something disposable that gets lobbed in the bin every night, I know!

So over the last few months I've been on the hunt for a cheaper alternative for lenses and came across Hubble. I'd seen all the ads on Instagram and thought you know what, for £1 I'll give it a go.

So with Hubble, you can trial 2 weeks worth of lenses for just £1 - if you like them and get on with them then they're only £24 a month going forward on a subscription basis! That's a saving of £20 for me each month.

My Thoughts: The Hubble lenses I'm currently trying seem great. I'm struggling a little with dry eyes but I think that's always going to be an issue with me and I think only the £44 a month lenses are going to completely eradicate that but my eyes have definitely gotten used to the Hubble lenses and they fit and feel just as great as any other lens, just minus any extreme moisture so if you suffer regularly from sensitive, dry eyes then the £1 trial is definitely the best way to discover if they're right for you or not.

I'm not sure yet if i will continue with my £24 a month subscription once the two week trial lenses have run out as I do miss the intense moisture quality that my old lenses had (and which I paid for I guess) but i'm really glad I've given Hubble a go and I'm really impressed with the results!

You can find out more about Hubble lenses and begin your £1 trial here! 


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