Saturday, 12 September 2015

So I'm late on this particular bandwagon, I know, but last weekend I purchased the NARS Laguna bronzer. I've heard so much about this product and I know it's the 'holy grail' of bronzers for a lot of beauty bloggers and YouTubers out there.

The packaging is standard NARS, slightly larger than the blush packaging and still with that super sleek black casing - which, is it just me, or does it seem to attract smudges and smears?! The product itself is beautifully matte and can look a little scarily dark at first glance but I held back reservations until I'd given it a go.

I loved how well pigmented this bronzer is, it gives my skin a sunkissed, healthy glow with only the slightest hint of a shimmer. It can be difficult with some bronzers to avoid that awkward orange undertone but with Laguna there's nothing of the sort. Due to it's matte nature, this product is perfect for contouring and I use it with my Real Techniques Sculpting Brush for a really defined contour. Laguna blends out really flawlessly too so you're not left with harsh lines.

This bronzer does come in a little on the pricey side at £27.50 but in my opinion it's absolutely worth it.

When I picked up Laguna, I also bought NARS blush in the shade 'Luster'. I own a lot of pink blushes and decided that now fall and winter is practically here, it was time to invest in something a little warmer so I went for the beautiful, peach tones of Luster.

Luster has a really soft, smooth texture and just like all other NARS products is super well-pigmented so I find that I don't need to use a lot of it at all to get a really pretty warm glow. Personally, this shade is just right for my skin-tone but I am not sure how it would look on someone who is quite fair or pale as the blush does carry a lot of orange-undertones but like I said before, you don't need to use a lot to get a well-pigmented shade so just use a lighter hand if you do happen to be blessed with paler skin.

I'm incredibly happy with these two NARS purchases and they've become staple products in my everyday make-up routine, if you'd like to see me use these for a fall/winter look then leave a comment below.

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