Tuesday, 15 September 2015

If you're not familiar with Makeup Revolution then they're a budget makeup brand sold by Superdrug for extremely good prices, starting as low as just £1. Now, don't get me wrong, I love NARS, MAC and also loads of high-street brands like Rimmel and Maybelline but sometimes if I'm feeling experimental and want to try new shades that I'm unsure about, then I don't always want to splash out on products.

The Flawless palette consists of 32 matte and shimmer eyeshadows in beautiful shades, perfect for fall and winter. The colours are extremely well-pigmented which means that you get fantastic value for money - even for £8, it's always good to know you're not going to need to spend another £8 on the same product in the space of a month or two. I'm also in love with how sleek the packaging is. I'm a sucker for less-is-more when it comes to product packaging, especially palettes, and I even love the rose-gold foil box so much I tend to keep the palette in there when storing it.

The palette boasts shades such as Paper; a light nude shade, perfect for a base colour, Raw; a matte neutral shadow and Darkest Shimmer; a burnt orange hue great for defining your outer lid and crease. These three shades also happen to be fantastic dupes for the three MAC shadows I purchased earlier this year so if I'm looking to recreate that warm smoky-eye on the regular then I'll use my Revolution palette, saving my MAC shadows for special occasions.

Now, Makeup Revolution have released the all-new 'Beyond Flawless' palette, featuring 32 new shades in much more neutral tones. If you'd be interested in seeing a post on this palette then let me know in the comments below.

MakeUp Revolution Flawless Palette costs £8 and is sold in Superdrug, you can also purchase online at Makeup Revolution's website.

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