Friday, 21 August 2015

Although is fairly new, I've still found myself struggling with branding both myself and my blog in a way that will appeal to my readers and followers but also staying true to myself at the same time.

I think when I was using LiveJournal to blog back in the day, I would probably write about anything that came into my head. I wouldn't worry about the URL i used, the style of writing or even the topics I discussed; I would just write about what I enjoyed. Now, that doesn't mean I don't do that now. I made a promise to myself when I began writing here on this blog that I would only write posts that I truly cared about, and not get sucked into the allure of freebies and paid-for style posts. I'm employed full-time at a company I love and work hard for my wage, so I'm much happier spending my money on products for blog posts, of course freebies and samples are lovely to receive and I'm not saying that I would ever turn these away but gone are the days of logging onto sites and submitting applications to review products I probably wouldn't ever buy myself just for the sake of it.

The blogging world has taken off massively lately, with people going full-time with their blogs and turning them into full-on legitimate businesses and I am in total awe of a lot of bloggers for their ability to transform a hobby into a career! I often get distracted reading lengthy articles about turning blogs into a business but at the moment my blog is for my enjoyment and of course the enjoyment of others! I've owned websites before where I haven't had the opportunity to be myself because the websites weren't about my or my life, they were about someone or something else. If I watch a great movie and want to write a post on it then I can, if I read an awesome book and want to share it with you then I can and the best thing is I can be 100% honest and that's what I try to remember every single time I write a blog post.

It's easy to get lost in a world of perfectly photographed, well-designed and professional blogs which, personally, I find extremely aesthetically pleasing for one thing but it would be a pretty dull and boring world if we were all the same people who liked the same things the same way. I often forget sometimes that there's a real person behind some of the blogs I read and I don't want that to happen with my blog, I want you all to read my posts and feel like I'm a real person and that what I write and post about is real and is my life.

If you ever feel like your blog isn't well-designed enough, professional enough or good enough then I can tell you now, as long as you are writing for yourself and staying true to your thoughts and opinions then that will show. I'll do the same and we can all vow to take blogging a little less serious and just enjoy it, you own a whole space on the huge world wide interwebs so make the most of it and do what you freaking feel like with it!

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