St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan

Sunday, 28 June 2015

sttropez1As an avid fan of sunless-tanning I'm always on the look out for that natural looking glow, which is why I'm always drawn to gradual tans. I love the St Tropez brand, their mousse was the first fake tan I'd ever tried so when I knew the brand new 3-Minute In Shower Gradual Tan was launched I had to give it a go!


The product itself looks like a normal shower cream in texture and colour and it is super simple to use. Wash and clean like you normally would, then switch the shower off apply the product in a circular motion, making sure you cover all areas! Wash your hands after applying so you don't get orange palms and wait 3 minutes. Fully rinse off with warm water and voila!

The results: You won't notice any colour instantly but when you do it will be a light glow, as the tan is gradual it will take a few applications to build up a nice colour. I absolutely love this product and think it gives a really beautiful soft glow which looks very natural considering I live in the rarely-sunny UK and am usually very pale!

If you're a big fan of dark tans then this product might not be for you but if you're after a sunkissed, natural looking tan that develops after only 3 minutes then go out and grab this product now!

St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan, £14.50

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