Soak Up The Sun

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

If you're going on vacation this summer or simply staying at home to soak up the sunshine you'll want to look fabulous while doing so. Since getting my hair chopped shorter I've been looking for ways to jazz up my 'do this summer - especially seeing as I can't really pull off cute top-knots or sleek ponytails anymore!

Along with finding great ways to style my short hair - tutorials coming soon - I've also found some amazing accessories to switch up my summer styles.

Imagine Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella; these headwraps are a stylish way to add some bohemian vibes to your outfit. Curl your hair into messy waves and team with distressed denim shorts and a plain boxy tee for that effortlessly chic look.  Get this headwrap from Forever21.

Hair Rings
If I could heart-eye-emoji on my blog then I would because I am in love with these hair rings. Slide a few onto your hair while you braid or wrap your hair around a ring to jazz up a half-up 'do. If you'd like a tutorial on a few ways to wear hair rings then comment below. Get these hair rings from Free People.

Bobby Pins
If you're like me then you probably use - and sadly, lose - bobby pins religiously. However, these babies just might mean you take extra special care when styling your hair! These gorgeous pins are perfect for holding back your fringe when the weather gets too hot, or even as a twist on a standard half-up hairstyle. Just make sure you keep them safe when you take them out or they'll end up with all the other lost bobby's of the world...wherever that is! Get these bobby pins from Free People.

Temporary Dreads
These might just be my favourite discovery so far, and definitely one I'm going to try out at a festival this summer. These tye-dye dreadlocks slide and clip into your hair (the same way clip-in extensions do) with ease and then you're free to do as you please! The possibilities are endless; tie up into a ponytail or bun, braid them into your hair or just curl and mess up your locks and let the dreads do their own thing! Get this set of 3 tye-dye dreads from Free People.

Let me know which accessories you're loving this summer in the comment section below.

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